Saturday, August 27, 2011

The MFCEO of K-Swiss

I mentioned Danny McBride's Eastbound & Down character, Kenny Powers, in a previous post. This mindlessly intelligent K-Swiss advertisement embodies everything Kenny Powers has come to be.

This is not at all safe for work.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Harris Pest Control

I wish I had more background information on this video, but the best I can say is that 1) the 313 area code means it is/was based out of Wayne County, Michigan and 2) it gets stuck in my head each time I watch it.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

In case you missed it: 30 Minutes Or Less

            For my 26th birthday last week, I was taken out to the movies and got to pick what I wanted to see. I chose 30 Minutes Or Less, which I hadn’t even heard of and knew nothing about save Danny McBride had a role in the film. And let me tell you: I’m glad I saw it.

            It’s a comedy about a pizza delivery boy who is strapped to a bomb and forced to rob a bank. Even I thought that was a morbid concept, considering that’s actually happened and the delivery guy DIED. But it really had no parallels to the real life event. It did have “that’s what she said” jokes, though! I can always support that.

            What really made me giddy was discovering the movie is set in Grand Rapids, MI. I always love local stuff on the big screen (local being a relative term for a city a couple hours away). There’s a really neat poster of Michigan that’s displayed in a few scenes that I’d like to get for myself. The movie was shot on location in Grand Rapids save for one scene in Ludington.

            Jesse Eisenberg has the lead role as the delivery boy. I’ve never seen The Social Network. I don’t think I’ve seen him in anything. But he was good, I liked him. He gave off a real Michael Cera vibe, except 50% less awkward. Aziz Ansari is also great. Very animated. I’ve seen some of his stand up material and it mesmerized me. That’s what he was like in this movie. And, oh, Danny McBride. I know him from Eastbound & Down as Kenny Powers, and that’s essentially the character he played, except sans mullet. For example (not safe at all for work):

            Without giving away spoilers, I have some issues with the movie and its logic. I’d stop just shy of calling it a movie targeted toward stoners, but there’s no denying more effort was spent in making it funny than realistic. That’s okay, I just hate walking away with unanswered questions and, worse yet, thinking about how I would have done things if I were in that situation. But if they had done what I would have done, there would be no movie.

            But it was cute and it made me laugh a lot.

            (That’s what she said.)