Thursday, January 6, 2011

I just never know what to write about

One of the complications of starting a new blog is deciding its format. Obviously, I'm dedicated to my photography, my creative prowess, my Etsy shop and so on. How personal do I go and how much do I divulge about my every day life? I want to be open and honest. I also don't feel like being stalked.

While I want to use this forum as an opportunity to display my products and even show off a little, I feel like I have more to offer. I also question how interested people will stay in my updates when all they are are, "Look what else I made so you can give me money!" I know I would get tired of that quickly if it weren't my own photos.

But from all the advice I've come across regarding blogging, there is a constant reminder to keep a certain target audience because no one wants to file through a bunch of entries just to find one that interests them. So that leads me to wonder: who is my target audience?

Hopefully you're part of it, since you're reading this. How much of this applies to you?

  • Creative
  • A little bit strange
  • Supportive of fellow artists
  • Cat lady

I suppose being a cat lady really has no bearing on whether or not you'll find this blog useful. But even making a list doesn't actually narrow things down too much, since most creative people who are a little bit strange are supportive of fellow artists. And often, these people just happen to be cat ladies. Buuuut I digress.

In other, non-reflective existentialist news, I placed a print order with AdoramaPix this evening. I want to check out their quality and service compared to the (pretty reasonable) prices they offer. I ordered prints in matte, luster and Kodak Endura Metallic - the latter being what I'm most excited to see. I prefer chromogenic digital prints to inkjet or laser prints. Or as I told someone the other day, I prefer knowing my photographs have been through chemicals that could eat away at my skin. It will probably take a week for me to get the order because the company is apparently very Jewish and does not operate at all during the Sabbath. But from what I understand, the quality of the services more than makes up for the delay. I will absolutely write more once I have the prints in my hot little hands.


  1. woot woot I am excited to see the prints! I don't think that you need to worry about a targeted audience too much, just simple tell everyone how awesome you are and that will settle it.


  2. @She is Sara

    Incredible, thy name is Sara.

    I can't wait to post the prints! I might make a video about them to show off the differences in texture. I'm not sure how well that will turn out, but it could be fun.