Monday, April 11, 2011

Attacking Ferndale!

I had a girl's night out with Jamie and Sara last week. It was warm enough for light jackets, though the other two opted for knitted caps and scarves. We took a walk to the Woodward Avenue Brewers in downtown Ferndale.

The lobby is great because it's always filled with free local newspapers and fliers for shows and exhibits going on in the area. There's a chalkboard at the entrance with all the daily specials and I kick myself each time because I want to bring chalk and vandalize the board a little bit. With nice things, of course. I want to draw cats all over the place.

We were having fun taking pictures and I accidentally had the camera set on burst mode. Out of the rapid succession of photos, I think this is my favorite:

Kyle came up for a little while, even though he actually was supposed to be at work. So some classic photographs such as this one were created. Don't ask. I really don't know. 

Jamie got a hold of the camera at one point and took a stealth picture of me while I was being particularly blurry.

We packed up and got ready to leave. Sara called up her brother David to come hang out with us next door at a bar / pool hall called The Loving Touch. I'll be honest, it's not one of my favorite establishments because it's usually loud and crowded. They don't even serve food. I loves me some food. But hey, good company counts for everything.

It's not every day a prime parking spot on Woodward is available so Jamie and Sara did their best to keep this space occupied for David.

But alas, as it's a bar and David is only 17, we were kicked out of The Loving Touch after only a few minutes. Which was fine by me, personally. We opted to stop at Pairs for a six pack and go back to Sara and Kyle's instead.

Let me tell you about Pairs. It's a convenience store that also sells clothes, baseball caps and jerseys. It's the most random mismatched assortment of merchandise. The six packs are often missing bottles because they sell them individually. I wouldn't be shocked if they sell cigarettes individually. It's just one of those places. But the people who work there are nice and it always seems to be the same people every time I go in, which is why I keep going back.

But yeah, it's the type of establishment where one would find a half eaten piece of fried chicken sitting in the ashtray of the garbage can outside.

Mmm, Pabst Blue Ribbon! Breakfast of champions.

But hey, what's a girl to do, right?

If you're this girl, it's taking pictures of David until he gets super annoyed with you. But this one actually turned out rather nicely.

And we all know the best thing to go along with a cold PBR is Apples to Apples! The highlight of the game was probably this brilliantly unplanned hand laid down for "miserable:"

And then I found five dollars.


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