Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Our Core

I read a quick post yesterday from fellow blogger Shybiker titled, "Our Core." It wasn't a long post, just something real short and sweet that included a photograph of him from his childhood and all the similarities he can point out in the young child and his present day counterpart. At the end, a question was posed: Do you have any childhood photos?   

Well, of course I do! I'm a third generation photographer and the daughter of a genealogist! But I've had an idea percolating in the back of my mind for a while now that I decided would be a perfect way to reply to this question. My great-grandparents moved to Ferndale, MI in the 1920's after being chased out of Detroit by the Purple Gang. My family owned an apartment building in Detroit that had a billiards table the gang took a particular liking to. I'm sketchy on the details but I do know that they moved north and built a house in Ferndale. My grandmother was born in the late 20's and raised in that house.

This first photograph is of my grandma on the left, playing with a friend of hers in front of the house my great-grandparents built. It was taken in 1934, which I believe makes Grandma about five years old.

This is Grandma a few years later with her dog, Skipper. I'd put this to be mid-1930's. Look at those curls!

But then, check this out! My grandma on that same very porch, holding my mom as my uncles sit around her! This was most likely mid-1957.

Fast forward to the mid-1960's. That's my mom, probably not even yet a teenager, standing with her cousin and his girlfriend.

Then we have the (possibly late 70's but more likely) early 80's. If you ever wondered where I earned my cat lady status, look no farther than my grandmother. I think this was Max, who was a Siamese / Manx mix. Do you see a tail?

Another 80's shot, this of my grandparents. Even to this day, photos of plants are referred to as "Grandpa pictures." He started the shutterbug itch in my family, which passed on to Mom and subsequently, me.

But here we go! My mom (in the stripes) sitting with me in a stroller with my pretty little bonnet. Behind me are my Uncle Dan, Aunt Sue and cousin Kathy. They live in Pennsylvania so for them to be in Michigan, I assume this was taken at Easter of 1986 (you know what happens when you assume...). That would make me about 8 months old.

Uncle Dan's trying to get everyone to look at the camera. Or he really likes pointing. Anyway, that's my dad holding me while Kathy watches on.

Mom and her loud-mouth daughter, ~ 1987-88.

Family portrait, probably Easter of 1989. I'm sitting in the pink coat in front of my cousin Sara and next to my best friend forever, Big Bird.

Mom and me in August, 1989. This is the day we brought my brother, Ricky, home from the hospital. This was just a few days before my fourth birthday.

Yep. I was Bert for Halloween. Two years in a row. I am a Sesame Street girl, no doubt about it. (Probably 1991-ish)

I've got my arm around my cousin Kathy, sitting next to her younger sister, Julia, while my brother Ricky jumps and screams behind me. Meanwhile, Aunt Sue is reading and Uncle Doug and Grandma (in one of her many cat shirts) sit and chat. (1995?)

Uncle Doug finished restoring his 1965 Austin Healy Sprite so we had to do a little photo shoot. (Fall, 1999)

Which brings us to yesterday, where after dinner, Uncle Doug (who now lives at this house) brought out his camera. Mom's hugging me and my little little brother, Kevin. This was one of maybe 40 photographs, but definitely the nicest.

I think it's fascinating how much history one little porch has. The house has changed a lot over the years but has stayed in the family throughout the entire time. I can't wait to see what else is in store for this porch in the future!


  1. I love it! These pictures are classics. Thanks for sharing them. They convey so much, not only about your interesting family but also about the times people lived in. The clothes, the hair, the cars, etc. Fascinating look back at history.

    And thanks for the mention. I'm glad my post inspired this wonderful one.

  2. This is awesome! I'm sure everything around your house has changed significantly too. Pictures from the next generation will include a hovercar in the driveway and voice-activated front door security system. :)


  3. And b25cdaa8-700c-11e0-8ef0-000bcdcb2996 will apparently be my futuristic name?

  4. Dude Kevin looks so cute and spiffy!! I am glad that you posted these, it was fun looking at some of them the other day with you!

  5. I love this post. Old photos are the best. So much history, indeed. Don't you just get so nostalgic looking over old pics like this? *sigh* Maybe I'll have to dig up some family shots myself. Thanks for sharing!