Friday, March 11, 2011

How every single Becky on this blog feels about politics

When it comes to politics, I proudly consider myself an independent. I have my own views that admittedly lean often to the left, but they are my own. No one tells me what to think. I make my own informed decisions. I’ve never voted straight ticket at elections and I’ve voted for (and occasionally elected) Libertarians, independents and Green Party members.

With that said, it rubbed me the wrong way when Rachel Maddow repeatedly spoke on her show about what “the Republicans in Michigan” are doing to destroy the state. Not all Republicans are out to tax the elderly and low income citizens, nor are they looking to cut education budgets and control cities in desperate financial straits. Hell, half my family leans to the right. My grandfather owned a business for many years. It drives me nuts, but I don’t call him out on watching Fox News when I’m at his apartment. I get it. But I’m also pretty sure that he didn’t instigate all the stuff Rick Snyder is trying to push through, either.

The generalization bothers me to no end. Just as it grates on me to hear about the “liberal agenda,” I can’t stand listening to anyone spout off about a large demographic as if every single person included feels the same way about each and ever single issue brought to the table. No, I don’t agree with a lot of what’s happening in Michigan right now. But when fingers are being pointed, it’s often with such generalization that the accusers may as well be blindfolded. To group so many people together like that inevitably drags unwilling participants into the argument. I would much prefer being called out by some fanatical pundit on national television specifically, like: “Becky Locke wants prayer out of YOUR public schools! She wants you to work side by side with GAY PEOPLE! She thinks recycling is a GOOD IDEA!” At least I’d be able to shrug and say, “Yeah, and?” Everyone would know that it’s the truth because I, speaking for myself, would not dispute the allegations and then no one would have anything to fight about. Oh wait.

All that aside, this clip from Rachel Maddow’s show is an interesting insight into what’s going on right now in Michigan. As she points out, it would be one thing if these tax increases on old folks and poor folks were helping the budget, but in fact it’s only paying off the tax cuts Snyder is giving businesses in the state. Figure that one out.


  1. Yeah that video pissed me off for many reasons. I have been listening to the news a lot lately but I did not fully understand all of what was going on.

    I do agree that this generalization of Republicans is ridiculous. My Dad is very right-wing and he is pissed about these proposals. I am independent, I tend to lean left but since I listen to npr all.the.time. It means I am a "liberalist radical" as a co-worker puts it. Right....

  2. @She is Sara Politics smell bad. But you aren't just radical, you're bodacious!