Sunday, March 6, 2011

Moo + Etsy = new business cards for Becklo!

As a seller on Etsy, I keep my eyes open for special deals. does a great job of making exclusive offers on business cards and I pounced on their latest special: 50 business cards for just shipping costs ($5.50). It took a couple days longer to receive in the mail than I anticipated but it was well worth the wait!

The packaging is a lot of fun. I opened the box with careful deliberation so I can save the Yay! sticker – I think I’m going to put it on the steering wheel in my car.

And even the inside of the packaging features some great advertising. These are clever people over at Moo.

Cards can have as many different designs per order as desired, even if you want to use a new design for each one. I chose nine different images for this order and the back of each card has my name, email address, URL and a banner logo.

The one caveat to this deal is a small banner across the front of each card that advertises both Moo and Etsy. I actually designed the cards specifically to be able to crop the banner off without losing any details from my own contact information. But the nice thing about the banner is each one has a unique code for 10% off Moo orders for first time customers. Since I imagine that could benefit some recipients of my cards, I think I’ll leave the banners on after all.


  1. I love these detail shots of cards! Effing talented woman :P

  2. i love these! fantastic!

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    @fashioneggpplant Thank you kindly!