Monday, February 17, 2014

I burned my mouth drinking tea, but it was good tea

I’m not much of a coffee drinker. I’ve learned to appreciate coffee but tea is my go-to beverage. I can’t handle the caffeine coffee contains. I will literally be awake for 24 hours if I have more than one cup (and sometimes just one cup will suffice). I grew up with my parents telling me, “You’re not old enough for coffee until you can drink it black.” So I go for the gusto when I drink coffee. Unless someone else prepares it and is trying to be all fancy, I just fill up a cup and become wired for the rest of the day.
Tea is easier on me and I feel like there are far more varieties. Just like coffee, I don’t add sugar or cream to my tea. I generally just pick up individually wrapped flavors, whatever I’m in the mood for. Black teas in the daytime, herbal teas at night. I don’t know if they really do anything for me in terms of keeping me awake or helping me sleep but it’s a routine I manage to stick to. I have a small collection of loose teas and even a pretty awesome Teavana tea maker that my BFF Stevie got for me a few years back. But for quick cups of loose leaf tea that just needs to steep a few minutes and be consumed, I came up with a quick fix that only requires a coffee filter and a toothpick.
Sprinkling the appropriate amount of loose tea leaves you’d like into the coffee filter, fold it and cinch the top with the toothpick until it’s closed so as to prevent anything from falling into the water. BOOM! TEA!


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